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Increasing product discoverability


1 month

Product Designer

Head of Design/PM, Engineers, Co-Founder

Web and Mobile Design, Product Strategy, Eng QA


Drift is the largest decentralized trading platform on the Solana blockchain.

Users can trade and earn yield on cryptocurrencies to maximize their profits.


Frequent product releases mean users can’t keep track of all product offerings

Drift ships feature, product, and marketing intiative releases weekly.

My initial problem to solve was to increase product discoverability as a whole. 

I broke down this problem into 4 parts in the user journey that affect product discoverability- before landing on the app, the landing page, Navigation, and Onboarding.

Due to a limited timeline, I scoped down the project to focus on Navigation.


Increase product discoverability to increase product usage.

Navigation - Before

The old web and mobile web apps made it hard to discover products and initiatives easily due to unclear information hierarchy in the Navigation bar and lack of education on the value props of each product. 

Unclear organization of nav bar options: Perpetuals, Spot, Swap are Trade products but have their own separate tabs on the nav bar. Earn as a category has its own tab but Pools is an Earn product and also has its own tab.

The mobile bottom navigation bar also suffered from a technical issue: the navigation bar would not appear dependent on the user’s choice of browser, making it impossible to navigate the app.


Redesigned Web and Mobile Navigation to increase product visibility and educate users about product offerings

After shipping the redesigned navigation, time spent on the Drift app increased by 1.5x

Web App


Mobile Web App



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